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Hi Everyone,

As you all know I am very keen on all things Angelic, I espeically love hearing about different peoples experiences with the Angelic Realm. Hearing about other people experiences can be not only inspiring, but also a great way to learn about the Angelic Realm in general.

It's one of the reason's why I have it as one of the questions asked when people join the site. I also wanted to start a Forum as a way of making it easier for members to interact and get to know one another. As most of you joined the site through either knowing me personally or by attending one of my events, I know that you all have amazing life experiences and personal knowledge to share and hope this will be a spring board for growth and each of you getting to know one another, trust me you are all fabulous people.

I was originally going to set up a Forum a little later on, however I think now is a good a time as any and having 51 current members, is a nice size to begin with. Over the Christmas Break, I am going to be adding more discussions and posts of some of my own experiences. As it is Christmas Day today, I'd like to finish off by saying welcome to our new forum and have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!!

Peace and Angel blessings,


P.s. I'll post a story or two a little later on ( have much to do today, especially Christmas Lunch! ).

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The Golden Faerie And The Tall Angel

At the start of my journey and involvement with this Angel project, working to help rise awareness of their realm, nature and activities, before I started capturing orbs and phenomena on camera and realising who and what they were specifically. Something rather interesting happened, in fact it was somewhat rather special. I was woken up from my sleep and allowed to experience two Angelic forces, one large and the other small. It was almost as if it was a harbinger to herald what was to come.


My experience with these two beings happened sometime in 2006, exactly when at this point I am not too certain, but it would have been around the time I was painting Angels and Faeries from memory and before beginning capturing their essence on camera.


I was actually asleep in my bedroom, when my eyes were physically opened. My head was gently turned to the right, from looking up at my bedroom ceiling, my view slowly changed to observing my writing desk, opposite and parallel, at the other side of the room, only a few feet away from the bed. Seated right at the edge of the desk, directly in line with my eye sight, was a small golden lady, a youthful young lady of teenage years in appearance with her legs crossed and dangling from the desk. She was wearing a flowing knee length dress pinched in at the waist, perhaps by some sort of belt. She had her head held in the palms of her hands, slightly titled at an angle, looking back at me, with a mixture of wonder and curiosity. She would be about 18 inches in height, and winged, and golden from head to toe, radiating around her in equal measure a nimbus of fine particles shinning golden bright.


After a while, how long or how short I couldn’t tell, but it was after a while, that I did fall asleep again. At some point later during this second period of sleep, I became aware that I was no longer in my bed, but levitating close to the ceiling in the space between the bed and the writing desk. I wasn’t awake in the ‘physical’ sense, like I was, when perceiving the Golden Faerie sitting on my desk’s edge, however I clearly wasn’t asleep either, but awake and completely conscious in a totally different sense and in a very different way. I was being carried in the arms of a really tall Angel! I was being cradled in her arms like a babe. I didn’t see this tall Angel, just the distance between me and the ground. It was like being lifted securely by thin air, thin air shaped like arms. I was aware that this tall Angel was feminine in constitution because I heard her voice as she sighed and giggled whilst she held me gently. I was cradled and lifted slowly upwards and downwards, moving closer to and then moving a little away from the ceiling in a rhythmically motion. It was just like a new born being carried in the arms of a proud father or adoring mother.


Soon after this experience of seeing the Golden Faerie and being carried by the Tall Angel, I started to capture similar beings large and small in my photographs.


How about you, have you seen a Faerie or an Angel, large or small?


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