Angel Visions

Melissa Bell

Melissa Bell comparison

Melissa Bell of The Piccolino Faeries ?

Melissa Bell here is appearing in a clear figurative style, resembling closely the western mythological and contemporary expectation of a faerie. She has blondish reddish hair, is wearing a bright emerald green dress and is producing a trail of faerie/astral dust from her waist downwards as she flies upwards, giving her a “Tinker Bell” like quality.

Her face has unusual proportions, despite it’s beauty, being board and exaggerated in comparison to human standards. It is not uncommon for faeries to have facial characteristic that are unusually proportioned. She was captured outside of a children’s clothing boutique in Beverly Hills, just off Rodeo Drive called Piccolino.

Melissa Bell and the Piccolino Faeries

Here’s Melissa with two other faerie, notice one is taken a more traditional “orb” shape, while another has a more A-symmetrical energetic form with Melissa Bell exhibiting figurative traits.

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