Angel Visions

The Ornate Faerie

Comparison ornate faerie

A Tree Faerie wearing an ornate headdress & Mask ?

Here a faerie is emerging through the foliage of a tree, with the head and torso taking the form of a beautiful lady, with auric wings streaming diagonally upwards from the shoulders. Interestingly she seems to be wearing a very ornate headdress and mask which would fit in well at a 17th century masked ball or at a carnival. She also has incredibly long eye lashes. Her headdress probably reflects Her work and propose, at the back of the head piece there is a decorative ornament resembling a tree nut of some sort, of which I feel she is intimately connected.

Comparison ornate faerie breakdown

Here's a bit of fun, this is a breakdown of the ornate faerie in the aura, showing step by step how I learnt to perceive her. Can you see the faerie within the aura?

Ornate faerie – 111006 close up 1

The ornate faerie and others, hanging out.

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