Angel Visions

Inspired Art

These paintings are all done in watercolour and are based on real recollections of visions and encounters with denizens of the angelic realm. Two are based on my own personal experiences, they are ‘The Holy Guardian Angel’ and ‘The Merlad’. The other two are based on experiences of close friends.

The idea behind this range was to produce arts of angelic beings, that are less the product of the imagination, but instead were squarely based on real experiences.

I also very consciously use colour and patterns to express qualities of energy and the movement of that energy. These paintings can be used as a meditative and contemplative tool for communicating with deeper levels of consciousness within the self.

All four images have an accompanying poem, which help to elucidate insights into the experiences that the paintings are expressing. See what your make of the beings depicted, it’s all based on real experiences. All four images can be viewed in the "Artistic Visions" section.

High-quality prints of all four images are available for purchase in A4 and A3 sizes. Both with a cardboard mounted ready for framing, or unmounted. For more info on the prints you can send me a email at:

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