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I am Jeorge Asare-Djan, an illustrator and graphic designer by trade. I studied informational illustration at Middlesex University. After leaving university I worked within the graphics industry, working with different design studios, as well as producing freelance illustrations for books, magazines, posters and greetings cards. .

I have always had an interest in spiritual matters, and the paranormal, ever since having experiences of seeing Angels and other kinds of spirits from a very young age. I have studied many different spiritual traditions and concepts of divine beings, with a view of developing a universal perspective of the common threads within the different world traditions. .

After many years of studying esoteric and metaphysical philosophies, and sharing information and conversing with many learned people from different backgrounds, with different belief systems and outlooks. I felt inspired to use the tools and skills I have as an artist to inspire minds and hearts with images of real experiences of angelic encounters. This then lead to my discovery of the orb phenomena, where people capture circular and oval forms, seemingly inexplicably within their photographs. I purchased the digital camera with the hope of possibly being able to do so myself, and accidentally found that I could capture orbs whilst taking photographs of the skyline and sunsets over London from my westwards facing flat on the 17th floor of a tower block ( which was my other reason for purchasing the camera ). .

Soon after discovering this, the orbs began to change from being simple circular shapes, they started to develop more complex forms, and over time developed into clear and discernible figurative emanations of Angels, faeries, mermaids, elves, gnomes and other denizens of the angelic realm. .

This led me to expand my vision for my inspirational arts project, from solely being about artwork to include my photographs of Angels. Bringing an objective way of exploring the activities of angelic realm, combining both the subjective through art and the objective via photography. .

As a way of sharing this information I use several different approaches. I lecture on the subject of Angels, and showcased my photographs, through visual presentations. I also conduct workshops by teaching people how to use art and creativity to help them connect with their own intuition and opened themselves to the world of the Angels. I also exhibit both my paintings and photographs, through galleries internationally, alongside all of this I am also currently in the process of writing a book on my experiences and the amazing photographs of the Angels I've amassed. .

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