Angel Visions

The Snow Queen

A 60 feet tall Snow Queen howering atop a flaming energy tower, connected to a smaller flying faerie via an energy stream, that appeared and greeted me on 21st of December.

Below is a little poem I wrote in December, inspired by the appearance of the Snow Queen ( or local landscape Deva of winter if you prefer ), and the cycles of change from the great age we are in and progressing and shifting into another, and the smaller regular cycle, moving from one years end to the start of another...

Winter’s Heart Promise


Hidden light, natures delight.

In the early nights when the Sun’s light fades with swiftness,

It is time for our heart’s light to shine with greater brightness once more.

A time of reflection and contemplation, where our family of thoughts,

Intentions & ideas can gather round once more,

And warm themselves in the bodies hearth fire,

That is the impulse desire of the hearts true fire.


Once more the cycle comes to completion, whether large or small,

Minor or major, Mayan Banktan or annual years end,

Things come full circle to a close.

As winter draws near, and darkness prevails,

We search our souls and look for the light within.

It is no wonder that when we enter the Harvest Moon’s beginning and end,

With diverse names for light’s saving grace,
Samhain, Ramadan, Chanukah, Diwali and varies other names,

We reflect upon the light of the soul,

The light that dwells within & the light that lives without,

Our nurturing & giving living Sun.


Nature knows this secret well & knows it true,

For at this time when the night sky rules over  bright day,

Her energies retreat and contract within herself,

Her Angels & the Faeries of legend draw in her forces and make plans,

For the birth of the next cycle.


Like a seed full of life,

Planted in the rich darkness of the earth’s black soil.

So to the Sun is buried in the darkness of the night’s fertile womb,

Ready to give birth to our Saviour,

The Light of the World a new.


The high Devas visualise the future,

Following the heart desire of nature’s wishes,

Contemplating, focusing inward, concentrating her energies,

Until at the point of deepest introspection,

It can be held back no more and life explodes into light,

And the benevolent Sun is born once more.


And what of us nature’s brightest fruits,

If we are wise, we will follow nature’s example,

And use this time of nightly darkness to seek

The council of our own spiritual light,

That shines with brightness within our heart,

& plant it’s seeds of glowing desire, into the fertile soil of,

Intention, contemplation & actions.


To bring into Spring the bloom of  the heart’s,

Vivid and colourful spiritual flowers,

That is our own vibrant inner child & guiding lights,

Of love, happiness and fulfilment.


Jeorge Asare-Djan  2012

In the same photo the Snow Queen appeared in, this character(s) also appeared, very large and standing upon a luminous cloud, with lots going on within. I call him the BFG, as I think he is a very 'Friendly', 'Big', 'Giant'.

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