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A Faerie godmother

A Faerie Godmother of Elfish Extraction ?

This Deva has great authority and carries a long staff to mark her status. She is wearing a cap which has a point and bauble on top, above this a five pointed star is being generated which in turn has created a complex halo above her head. Angels communicate thoughts to each other as colours and symbols, the star here reflects ideas she’s communicating to a group of Elementals in shade. She has a lot of elfish qualities, with her face in profile reminiscent of Brian Froud’s style of faerie illustrations.

The main central area of the head and upper torso are bright and clear as is the trail of energy streaming downwards from her seamless garment. If you look carefully you will see that there are more radiations flaring out from her lower body as fine lines of force. Her wings are also bigger than the bright region would initially suggest as they are subtly captured here in the main. If you follow the energetic patterns forming the wing behind her you’ll see that the pattern continues to form a beautiful bowed wing.

A Faerie Godmother

Here’s the teaching Angel hovering over a small adventure park in Stockwell with the near by houses in the background. This image was taken around the summer solstice, which is a time when the Angels hold some of their major initiations.

Here's the outline of what I see, can you see her big wings and magic staff? Outrageous!!!

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