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Raimondo’s Faerie

Here we have a faerie being coming through in a clear figurative manner. She was captured emerging out of a large tree near the entrance to Clapham Common, close to Holy Trinity Church. She stands about one foot in height, and is wearing a pointed green hat with a light or bauble at it’s apex.

She is also wearing a flowing light blue cloak, her cloak is making a ‘A’ shaped line at the front from her head downwards, and seems to be bellowing upwards at the back as she flies forward towards the right. Her body is draped in a long green flowing grecian style garment with a ‘V’ shaped neck line. Her face and upper chest area can clearly be discerned as they are coming through with a pink flesh tone. Eventhough I’ve called her Raimondo’s Faerie ( I did a workshop with a guy called Raimondo earlier in the day ), I feel she’s probably more likely to be an elf then a faerie as such.

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