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Hi Everyone,As you all know I am very keen on all things Angelic, I espeically love hearing about different peoples experiences with the Angelic Realm. Hearing about other people experiences can be…Continue

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Angel Lecture at Astral Eternal

Posted by Jeorge on July 7, 2023 at 12:00

Can you see the fairy being in the Photo?

Posted by Jeorge on May 9, 2023 at 10:00

Blessings of The New Year & The Principle of Faith

Posted by Jeorge on January 3, 2023 at 3:47

2022 Elemental Dawn

Posted by Jeorge on January 1, 2022 at 1:05

How to Recognise Spectral Forms: Survey

Posted by Jeorge on April 4, 2021 at 18:44

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Angels, Orbs & Faeries Spirit Photography in London at Stockwell Spiritualist Church

June 15, 2024 from 6pm to 8pm
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Angels, Orbs & Faeries Spirit Photography in London at Stockwell Spiritualist Church

June 15, 2024 from 6pm to 8pm
Apr 16
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Welcome earth angels one and all...

Angels, Devas & Faeries Workshop
@ Stockwell Spiritual Church


Following on from two successful Lectures at at Stockwell Church in June, and a second lecture at Balham Church on the 14th July. I'll be holding a workshop on Angels this Saturday 20th July 2024.


On 20th July 2024, join Bro. Jeorge ( the Fairy Whisper ), for an exciting workshop on Angels. Learn who and what the Angels and their kinfolk the Fairies actually are. Learn how to connect with the Angels through your own intuition using art, visualisation, creative writing, mediation and many other creative forms. Join us on the 20th of July and experience the magical world of the Angels, Devas & Fairies and learn how to bring them closer into your life!



May the Divine bless you all with Health, Wealth and Abundance in every way.


Welcome to the Angel Visions website. This website is dedicated to disseminating knowledge and information about the angelic realm, the world of the high Angels, the Devas and faeries of nature through art and photography. The Angels are real and close by us, and ever willing to work with mankind for the greater good of the divine plan.

Through my own inspired artwork, subjective and personal in nature, real experiences of interactions with divine agencies are illustrated and explored visually. To learn more about my artwork, go to “The Vision” section at the top, and click on “Inspired Art”.

Through phenomena photography, objective recordings reveals insights into the nature and work of the angelic realm. To find out more about the different types of manifestations and qualities I’ve photographed, you can find an in-depth explanation in “The Vision” section at the top, under “Photographing Angels”.

There is also a online store selling stunning images of real Angelic phenomena and inspired artwork.

You can click here to visit the online shop.

You can also find out more about who I am from the same section, "The Vision", and clicking on "Biography" from the drop down menu.

The Angels work with me through art and photography, allowing for hearts and minds to be moved and made aware of their existence and closeness to man, both subjectively via inspired artwork, and objectively via taken photographs. Feel free to explore the different areas of this site and examine for yourself inspired art and genuine phenomena photography and see what you make of them.


Jeorge Asare-Djan

Lecture showcasing photography of Angels & Fairies captured across London

My Lecture at Astral Eternal was an uplifting affair. We were not alone! It was great to share knowledge about the Angels and their junior brethren the fairies with a live audience. Find out more about what happened on the night by reading the blog ‘Angels and Lecture at Astral Eternal’.

Click Here to find out more!

Classic Video Content!!

A Faerie Godmother of Mid-Summers Eve


I've been saying for sometime that I'd be adding video content, well here it is. Editing can be a long process, especially if you have to learn it from scratch. But on Easter Sunday I final had a short film ready to upload ( a little taste of what's to come ). I've also been working on a hour long film of one my lectures, but that's going to take a little while before it's ready for viewing.


For now enjoying the footage of te Faerie Godmother, taken from the very first lecture I took in 2007. You can also find out more about this Angel of Nature in the "Figurative Emanations" sections.


Big Thanks to Edward and Fay for showing me the basics

of Adobe Premiere Pro.


Harvest of Dreams

It’s been a little while since my last newsletter, late Summer has past, and Autumn has just dawned. A beautiful time of year when leafs turn to shades of gold and hues of rust, a time of reflection, celebration and harvest. During this period I’ve been busy working on more chapters of my book on Angels, and have just completed the penultimate chapter I intend to write.

An excerpt from the chapter of Angels in the City, can be read on the blog “The Faerie Lad and the statue of Eros”. Which gives a prime example of their delightful humour and unexpected antics.

Also check out the blog "Tommy's Dreams: Seeding The Future", which deals with how to make your dreams manifest as reality.


See how the simple act of listening has changed my life and revolutionized my health.

click below.

The Art of Listening

SOON COME: Adventures In Art

Soon Come

Original painting in oils

Art by myself, Jeorge Asare-Djan

Poem by Trevor Muhammad

You can read more about it in the blog section, or by clicking on the link below:

Soon Come Adventures in Art

Leo (Young Blood) Colossal of Haymarket

Illustration of a Colossal Deva having their portrait ( photograph ) taken on edge of Haymarket Street at Piccadilly Circus. I've given him the ironic nickname of 'Young Blood' as I sense he is infact very ancient.

Summer Solstice Workshop



This was my forth Angel workshop at Eltham church and it took place on the 21st June, the Summer Solstice. It proved to be a special day for many reasons and wouldn’t have been the same without the individuals who attended.

The Summer Solstice is a very auspicious time to connect with nature and the Angels, and they where certainly strongly there with us on that beautiful sunny summers day.


To read more about what went on at the Event click the link or visit the ‘Summer solstice workshop’ in the blog section.


Just added some new illustrations to the art section. Above are the beauty dancing River Nymphs I captured on the Thames opposite the Southbank. To find out more about them and Raimondo's Faerie, also a new addition, visit the Art section at the top or the links below. 

For the Dancing River Nymphs:

click here to view artwork


And for Raimondo's Faerie:

click here to view artwork



Angelman Images


The Proud Posing Elf of Barcelona!



Here’s one of the delightful faerie folk I captured on Saturday ( 02/07/11 ) in Barcelona during my cousin's Stag do. In this detail from the full photo, which features my cousin and his brothers walking towards a night club called Magic whilst he was in full Michael Jackson costume, This proud little chap appears so that he can have his photo taken! All head and shoulders of him!


If you see him, and I think he’s pretty clear, then you’ve just seen a real Faerie Being, approximately 12 to 18 inches in height. You can see more images of real Faeries and Angels by going to the “Energetic Light Forms” section and the “Figurative Emanations” sections, both can be found on the top menu bar, right at the top of the page. Go on, have a look, and enter the Realm of the Angels!


Angels & Faeries of Lake Windermere

The Lady Of Light


This image taken for my pod in Park Cliffe, captures a very powerful Deva manifesting a bright energetic aura. I feel the Deva is feminine in aspect and larger them human size, she is really big! She’s a very advance Deva, who helps oversee the development of nature in Park Cliffe. I believe I captured her figurative form along with other powerful Devas of Park Cliffe in a separate photo taken later on. Notice the flow and shape of the form.


The Little Man Of Moor How


This charming little fellow with captured on top a little hill called Moor How, next to Park Cliffe camp site. Dee and I climbed it one the first day we were there ( Friday 7/10/11 ). Dee had just finished performing a meditation on top of  Moor How when this little chap floated into the picture behind him. Can you see the Little faerie man with the large etherical wings!!!



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