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Fabienne la faye

Fabienne comparison

Fabienne La Faye & Friends ( the Ancient One & Regis Del Sol ) ?

Here’s we have an incredible event of three faeries performing an aerobatics display as they fly by the Brooks Brothers Boutique in Beverly Hills. They are balancing one on top of the other. Fabienne, at the bottom is a thunderbird, she has a bird like phoenix body with a human head. She is wearing a large bow on her crown.

She carries “The Master Em,” an ancient and wise Earth Spirit ( Gnome ) on her back. The Ancient Gnome sports a very tall pointed hat, and in turn has a vibrant fiery Deva standing above him with wings upturned, pointing skyward. Awesome!

Rodeo Angels fuji davey boy – 160109 Fabienne close up 1 025

Here's Fabienne and the guys flying by the Brooks Brothers building.

Fabienne & Friends outlined

Here we have an outline of all three Thunders, notice the pinkish flesh toned regions are were their faces are.

Fabienne & Friends

Can you see the fine feathered Thunderbird carring her friends on her back?

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