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On a late Thursday Evening in June I attended a comedy gig at Clapham Junction and got a little bit more than I bargained for, as whilst there my camera saw more then what the average eye could spy, and that turned out to be a lot more than just lampooning comics prancing about on stage….there were lights, and luminous colours, a diminutive green attired faerie gliding through the auditorium like a ballerina from swan lake, as well as a Faerie knight wearing a flowing cape and holding a board sword and much more….seriously!!!


 The gig was organised by a work colleague of mine, who had connections in the world of entertainment. Called the ‘Laughter clinic’ it would feature a line-up of established comedians, most of them doctors oddly enough, and was held in benefit of worthy and charitable causes. It also featured a well know comedian of British television fame, called Harry Hill ( infact many of the acts were recognisable faces, eventhough I didn’t know them all by name ). I’d never seen Harry Hill live, and I hadn’t being to a comedy gig in some, so I thought, “Why not, I’ll attend, and after all it is in a good cause”. Despite having a prior healing engagement that same evening on the other side of town, I was able to rush back to Clapham in good enough time to nearly catch the beginning of the first act without missing out on much, thanks to the fast train from Croydon to Clapham Junction.


The comedy was fabulous and funny, and somewhat surprisingly so, I wasn’t expecting the medics routines to be as good as they were ( who’d have thought doctors could have such funny bones? ). However what made the evening even more special that night for me personally was the surprise appearance of the Faeries of the place, theatre faeries if you will, for the event took place at an old theatre, the Clapham Grand. I say surprise, because I didn’t go there with an expectation of capturing them, but there they were anyway, a most welcome sight indeed.


My first impulse in taking photographs at the gig was simply to take a few photos of the comedians, some of whom were TV celebs, such as Harry Hill and to document the moment. I certainly didn’t have it in mind to capture the Divine side of life from the off. For one, I didn’t think the environment would be conducive for such pursuits, being it was so noisy and raucous, and secondly I didn’t have any of my regular cameras with me, I only had a small compact on me. Now I can get generic orbs with any camera, but to capture something that goes beyond that, to capture complex energetic forms or more figurative manifestations, is easier with some cameras than others, and as far as this compact was concerned I had never achieved capturing anything truly figurative...until now!


Harry and the Green Faerie


At a certain point during the gig, as the night’s comedy bubbled on, despite my doubts, that I’d be able to concentrate and ‘feel’ enough in the busy, buzzing hall of the Grand, I couldn’t help myself, I had to try to see if I could capture spirit substantially within this loud environment, so at times I called out to them to see if I could get a response….and I did! One of those occasions was while Harry Hill was on stage. I was seated to the far left of the stalls, under the balcony seats, close to the stage with a near side-on view of the acts, from there I captured a small faerie, probably 18 inches in height flying on pointed toes in a graceful ballerina’s pose in front of the stage, facing towards me, against the opposite balcony seats, several feet above the ground.


She has button like eyes, a wide smile on her face, a bright healthy pink completion and a shock of red hair. Her green dress is drawn in at the waist and has a ‘v’ shaped neck line. She appear to have form of structure, like a hat on her head, possible some sort of bonnet ( it’s not entirely clear to me ). Her wings are open in a heart shaped expression, They are built up of a structure of complex lines and streams of energy creating a honeycomb form, transparent and clear like the wings of a dragonfly. This heart shaped form is spreading outward from her body which infact is also built of the same complex network of lines and streams of energy. There is no clear demarcation between the wings and main body, one seems to flow in and out of the other seamless.


This a prime example of the phenomena quality visionaries such as Geoffrey Hodson has described and written about, whereby phenomena is in the process of manifesting into the clairvoyant vision of the spiritual seer, where forces appear to be literally building their form out of a weaving motion of  light and streams of energy. I believe Geoffrey Hodson once described a Deva manifesting in this manner within one of his books  ‘as being like the Deva was knitting its appearance out of light’*. ‘Harry’s Faerie chum’, here is a really good example of an energy being still in the process of making itself seen. Not quite taking on a full blooded humanoid quality as people are familiar with from fairytale descriptions, but somewhere between the truly energetic and the figurative. See what you make of the images.


*At present I can’t recall the particular book which features this vivid and accurate description, it maybe in his seminal work, “Kingdom of the Gods” or one of the two “Faeries at Work and Play” books.

Close up of Harry's Faerie Chum

The little Faerie's shape and form outlined


Arthur and the Faerie Knight


Now this next image is one I have reserved for my forthcoming book on Angels, Devas and Faeries, so I will not be showing the photograph here, but I will give a description of whom and what took place within this image, if you care to read on.


The other occasion I captured faeries at this charity gig was towards the end of one of the intermission breaks. I was at the bar end of the hall, behind the stalls, facing onto the stage. I had taken the opportunity of the recess to look for other colleagues from work who were also invited to the gig, but whom I hadn’t being able to initially find in the dim darkness of the theatre hall when I first arrived. After finding most of them near the bar ( typical ) and exchanging the usual pleasantries and acquiring the purchase of a refreshing drink to wet my whistle ( well...when in Rome, and all of that ), Arthur Smith the compare for the night, and comedian in his own right, ambled on stage, making a joke or two, getting the audience ready for the next incumbent act.


Towards the end of Arthur’s stint on stage, there was a moment where he appeared to be perfectly framed by the dramatic contrast of the spotlights dancing around him and the darkness of the curtains behind the stage, so much so that I had to take a photograph of this moment which reflected so purely the archetype of the performer caught in the illuminating limelight. Whilst doing so I called out through the core of my being for any Angels or faeries in the space, to appear if they would please or care, for the moment viewed from the bar was nothing short of being artistically beautiful, and what came through from Spirit was truly astonishing. Before I took the photograph I had the sense that the Forces present at the Grand, had a flair for the dramatic, not least because we where in a very old theatre, however I could never have anticipated what they revealed, never in a month of Sundays.


Whilst Arthur Smith gesticulating with mike in hand on stage, under the ‘m’ shaped softly cast double peaks of light, materialised three large Faerie beings about the stage, the size of small people, four to five feet in height. Immediately above Arthur and more centrally, appeared a large round light moue coloured orb, with the face of a young boy with short cropped hair clearly defined at it centre, posing as if he is having his portrait officially taking and appears to be showing off his best side.


More remarkable and somewhat more faintly captured, are the other two Faerie beings emerging out of the stage darkness, above and to the right of our joking master of ceremonies, in a gossamer semi-transparent state. Appearing closest to Arthur and positionally lower then the other two, is a Faerie Knight striding towards our compare. He is thin, wears the garments of a Norman knight, with a cape and cowl flowing behind him. He has flame like energies rising from his chainmail coif, surrounded by a shell like aura framing his movement and curved about his shape. With a heart shaped wing like structure within his ‘auric shell’. He has a typical ‘European fairytale’ like appearance, with a serious almost frowning look on his face whilst brandishing a sabre in his hand, moving purposefully towards Arthur Smith, as if displeased with something he said…..perhaps he’s trying to show us what he thinks of Arthurs joke’s…or he’s just having a laugh himself.


The third faerie, flying highest of all is a young lady gliding across the top of the stage curtain from right to left, leaving a faint trail of energy as she does so. She’s wearing a short frilly hemmed tutu style dress and knee high boots, with what could be fur edging around the top or etheric mist flowing of the boots or possibly both. She has her arms folded behind her back with her head cocked to one side. Her ‘harp’ shaped wings bow out from hem of her skirt and connect to the top of her shoulders. She has long shapely legs locked together as she floats across the stage. There are faint lines downwards from her wings suggesting the shape of a large energy shell, however her auric wings resemble more typical the expectation of faerie and Angel wings.


The Lady and the Knight appearing out of streams of light, make for two of kind in texture and style of manifesting, and the boyish face posing for the camera within the presence of the orb light, completes the scene, most magical, amusing and complex. Who said the creative forces don’t have a sense of humour or a sense of the dramatic, well it seems ‘Theatre Faeries’ certainly do.

Jeorge Asare-Djan

The full image of Harry Hill in action and the Faerie to the side

Another look at Harry Hill

A doctor in tight black briefs, Professor Ian Roberts

Tiffany Stevenson on stage

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Comment by Jodie Clark on November 15, 2012 at 12:19

hi Jeorge

family doing well hope you are keeping well and your workshops are very successful you really are very talented you know with a lovely personality

Comment by Jeorge on November 14, 2012 at 19:24

Hi Jodie

Thanks for the kind words, it's good to hear from you. I hope you, Tracy & the rest of the family are doing well. Of course I'll let you know when the book comes out, stay blest.

Jeorge xxxx

Comment by Jodie Clark on November 12, 2012 at 13:01

hi jeorge
hope all's well with you, great to see you are still capturing the images of Faeries, Devas etc all pictures look great, I look forward to your book Don't forget to let me know when it's out so as I can get it wish you every success in all that you do Blessings Jodie xxxx

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