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Soon Come

Art by Jeorge Asare-Djan; Poem by Silent Pen

In May I began a new painting, the product of the meeting of minds with an old friend, Trevor, an activist, conscious soul and lapsed spoken word poet. We had collaborated before on an artist product a decade prior of words and images, and I thought it was high time we did so again.


Trevor, had neglected his poetry for sometime, due to the pressures and responsibilities of having a young family. Our meeting had rekindled his desire to get back into the swing of things and to start performing again, and for him this project was one step towards that goal. For me it presented an opportunity to work with a different but potent creative stimulus, using his words as the well of thoughts to stir my imagination, as opposed to working solely from the source of my own creative juices.


The poem itself entitled Soon Come, for me is a powerful and emotive piece, simple yet elegant, with punch and weight without elaborate wastage. It’s primarily about what can be achieved through the power of unity and positivity, it reflects the sentiment that what was once lost can be regained once again. Inspired by these qualities I was determined to produce an image equal in substance to Trevor’s words. The work shows what the virtues of deep thought, inner vision and constructive thought, symbolised by the personification of the goddess, can produce when working in unison. It uses emblems from the ancient past to represent what can be achieved in the near future ‘Soon Come’.


I fancied using oils for this piece. I had an A3 gesso primed board, and a collection of Rowney Georgian oil paints that I hadn’t used before. The paints in question were a gift set given to me at the age of ten, which I felt at the time I should save, store and reserve for use on something special at a later point in time. 32 years later in the spring of 2014, I felt that time had come, and began to work on this piece of art that was now eminent. A month and a half later, working on a part time bases, in-between periods of labour, served to afford a living as well as catering to other responsibilities. The true labour of love and art finally bore its fruit in the form of the finished article.


Was it worth the wait of 32 years to use those paints? Was it worth the intense labour of a month and a half’s long dedication? Well, I think the viewing audience should be the ultimate discerners and judges of those questions. The only thoughts I can offer the viewer at this point here, is that it is what it ought to be, and it always was going to be what it is… and that I am well content with the final results, both spiritually and emotionally. For me it represents the start of a new adventure, and serves as an auspicious omen of what’s to come, ‘Soon Come’

Jeorge Asare-Djan


‘Soon Come’ is available as Fine art Giclee prints as well as poster prints of various sizes.

For prices and more information contact Jeorge at:


Black giant
Sleeping in beauty

Sleeping black beauty
You are a giant

Awaken now!
From your dark sleep

Sleep no more

What is black?
Beauty is black!
For that is the true-beauty

What is beauty?
Black is beauty!
So where is The-Real-Unity?

Black beauty

Black unity
Where are you?

By Trevor ( aka Silent Pen )

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