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As some of you will know, I have suffered with a long term illness for the last ten years called Sarcoid. A disease for which, officially it’s cause is unknown. It can effect people on a short term bases for which they will suffers once and then never be affect again, or on a long term bases, for which there is no cure.

The pulmonary version I have causes pain in the lungs, shortness of breath, tiredness, lack of energy, wheezing and a persistent dry cough amongst other things. At it worst, simply climbing up a single flight of stairs would knock the wind out of me for a good ten minutes or more.


The treatment for the condition given is medicated steroid drugs, which are not good for you at all. Over my ten years of having this condition I’ve been at stages where my health has been more or less back to normal, where I’ve have been either off the drugs completely or on a very very low dosage ( near enough at placebo levels ), only to find after a month or so my body would suffer from what’s known as a flare up, because my system has become so dependant on the steroids, that it reacts due to a lack of it, causing my to have to go back onto a strong level of the drug again.


During these ten years I’ve have tried and used many natural alternatives, in conjunction with lowering my dosage. All of them helped with the condition to some degree and helped to make me healthier in general, but ultimately failed to help me completely over come the Sarcoid and stay off the steroids permanently.


However towards the later end of last year something changed, I began receiving advice from friends and in some cases from people who I’d only just meet on the same day, suffering from other ailments. For which simply listening to them, and truly hearing what they had to say, and following up on the information has helped me out no end.


First of all I have to mention my trip to Lithuania in September, where I stayed with my good friends Juozas and Elena. It was an amazing experience to visit a Eastern European country for the first time, it proved to be a very speciall memorable time. I did three Angel workshops in different part of the country aided ably and ‘sonically’ by Juozas and Elena, as well as capturing some amazing Angelic presences in my photographs, truly a-mazzziiinng stuff, no kidding, but that’s another story for another day. Health wise the practices I learnt from Juozas and Elena whilst out there has proved to be the bases of my new wellness regime and approach, it mainly comprises of taking herbs and plant as herbal teas and performing certain limbering exercises ( which can have a huge impact if you understand what you are doing ).

Sea moss ( Gracilaria variant ) great stuff!


Through a random conversation with another friend about his health problems, I discovered that the steroid I was prescribed ( Prednisolone ) was also used for treating high blood pressure. By paying attention to what he said and through doing some research afterwards on alternatives to high blood pressure medicines rather than for Sarcoid, as much of the information online and what the doctors told me about the mechanics of Sarcoid was just generic, focused mainly on the inflammation side of things, which is infact just one of many issues with the condition. Looking at what causes both High blood pressure and results in inflammation with Sarcoid patients, lead me to discover something called “Olive Leaf Extract”. It is a powerful candida and parasite cleanser with anti-fungus properties amongst other things, but in my case it is it’s ACE inhibiting properties that has made a huge difference to my health, as it does the same thing that Prednisolone does for Sarcoid, just without the side effects.   


I discovered more important herbs and plants that have helped with my condition, again seemingly by chance and by listening. It was the 31st of December and I was celebrating the last day of the year and the emergence of  forthcoming New Year, at a friend’s New Years Eve Bash in Kennington with a few hundred or so attendants, dancing, socialising, eating sushi and drinking fine wines and lacquers, a good time was had by all. Several hours later, well into the small hours of the morning, when most people were smashed or had left the party. I sat down and had a two hour conversation with two gentlemen, one a model called Aaron
( who had been working on the door on that day ) and the other a musician and progressive indie rock band leader called Mickey. After a while the conversation turned to health, and Aaron shared with us that he suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and for years had being wheelchair bound.


You would never have guessed he was a MS suffer by looking at him now, he had been standing up for most of the night and showed no signs of having any problems with his movements. He also spends his time strutting the catwalk as a male model, as I mentioned earlier ( he also has a small role in the next upcoming Star Wars film ). The doctors didn’t think he would ever walk again, so he took matters into his own hands and simply changed his diet. Aaron is of White European stock, so he learnt what works best for his system, and changed accordingly, so now only eats rice, fish & vegetables. He also ( I am sure he won’t me sharing this ) virtually chain smokes marijuana all day long for medicinal reasons, but never touches regular cigarettes.


One interesting thing, he was surprised he shared that story with Mickey and myself, as he never usually talks about it, certainly not with people he’d only just met some two hours earlier. But I wasn’t surprised that he spoke so candidly despite himself, on that occasion. He spoke so because I was there and I was listening, I was supposed to hear what he had to say and listen to the subsequent advice on health that he would impart, and use the information constructively.


To some this might seem strange to say, to others it may seem like a stretch of the imagination, but for those who work with Angels and other forces, it is known that they can and sometimes do work in such uplifted and energized environments by inspiring people to speak and give information out despite themselves. And I was aware even before Aaron confessed his surprise at being so open with me, that the company I was with, was being affected in that moment by Angelic influences. It’s a subtly things but I recognised it, and paid close attention to what was being said.    


Mickey the musician ( his band is called the Egyptians, by the way ), happens to be part Ghanaian part and part Afro-Caribbean, he shared his story with me a little later when we were both walking home. He suffered from chronic back pains for years, and overcome it, again by changing his diet and cutting out all sugars. One of things he recommended to me, which he took to help him over come his back pains was something called ‘Black Seed Oil’, it contains Nigellone and Thymoquinone, which amongst other things are good for lung issues as well as been anti-inflamatory and high in anti-oxidants.


 He also eats a lot of Sea Moss, which has 92 of the 102 minerals found in the Earth’s soil. He also recommended paying a visit to a herbalist couple at Walthamstow Market, which I did, and the couple recommended for me, Neem leaves, Guinea Hen weed and Moringa leaves and seeds, which I bought and use as the bases of a herbal tea I make. Of which, the effects on my health have been amazing. Whereas herbs and plants don’t work as quickly as medicated drugs, they can and do work, and in my case, we are now in early March of 2017 as I write this, I have made steady and good progress and I am well and truly off Prednisolone, no flare ups at all, which is a minor miracle in itself. There is so much more I could say,
but I think I’ve made my point, sometimes listening and hearing can make a big difference in someone’s life, if they truly decide to hear and truly decide to listen. I my case it has given me the keys to more deeply understanding and treating the ‘multiple levels’ to my condition with natural herbs and plants without the need for Medicated steroids.


I hope you found Aaron and Mickey’s stories as inspiring as I did. With well placed advice, commitment, determination and ultimately taking action, there is nothing that can’t be overcome despite the odds.

Jeorge ( Angelman )

Neem, Guinea Hen weed, Moringa & Sorrel Tea, Strong stuff & good for the lungs.

This stuff is amazing.

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