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The Eltham Angel workshop group, and a strange chap wearing a pair of golden wings!

On Saturday the 25th May I returned once again to Eltham Church, the third time in three years, and once again had a fabulous time in the company of the Angels and physical attendees. We had a mix of old and new faces on the day, with the majority being first time attendants. Three of their number were attending a workshop of any kind for the very first time. Also a rarity for Eltham, I had one male participant, Brian, the first man to come to one of my workshop there. Making Brian an honouree ‘Eltham Angel Lady’ of sorts for the day.


It was a wonderful sunny day, and this time unlike the previous two occasions, we were able to make use of the beautiful garden and work with the Faeries and Devas in their element, and afterwards we invited them to join us in the Church! We got some particularly striking results out in the garden.


As always we worked creatively, through art, music and meditation to connect through our hearts and our intuitions to speak to our Angels and our Higher Selves, and as always the Angels left us in no doubt that they were present with us.


I also wore my Golden wings, for half of the workshop ( Yes I have a pair of Golden wings! Take a closer look at the main photograph to see the evidence behind my shoulders! ). I even walked up the high street to a nearby Spiritual shop wearing my wings ( I knew the owners and had previously told them about my wings ), however the main point of the wings was to show that we all have this quality and how we can use specific parts of our auras to work with our Angels.


We also focused more deeply on using the ‘Circle of Change’ to release imprinted negativity, closing with a ceremony of the Four Elements to call in the Arch-Angels to establish new change and growth, which was a wonderful experience. I would like to thank everyone who attended, Emecia, Noreen, Lynne, Pauline, Sharon, Sue, Jean, Janet and Brian for making it such a rich, fun and enjoyable day out with the company and guidance of Angels.



The Eltham Angel group, in back row, Janet, Noreen, Pauline, Sharon, Sue and Emacia.
Front row, Lynne, Jean & Brian.

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Comment by Lorraine "VioletMoon" on June 4, 2013 at 8:29

Hi Jeorge

I am glad your workshop went well.

I have shared your link with my website.

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