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Angel Lecture at Astral Eternal

Greetings Angel Aficionados,

My Angel Lecture at Astral Eternal in Finsbury Park turned out to be a special experience. It was great to be back in the swing of things, and dare I say it there was magic in the air! The atmosphere in the shop was wonderful, it was an intimate and cosy affair, and enjoyed by all in attendance. We were not alone either! Our friends in the world of Spirit where also there with us.


It was a pleasure to share with that gathering many of the latest encounters I have had with Angels, Fairies, Devas and the Realm of Spirit, captured in all parts of London. Brixton and Stockwell in the South, Oxford Circus & Piccadilly Circus in the West End, and Finsbury Park & Islington ( some captured very close to the shop ) in the North of London, and even one or two amazing and ‘ancient’ characters from a far that like to visit me on my balcony on New year’s Day!


Our friends in the realms of Light also enjoyed the word of their existence and works being shared and celebrated with the public in this way. There is a shift in conscious and awareness taking place at present and we have the opportunity to be enriched by this new paradigm shift. There are new levels of reality becoming open to us all the time. With phenomena photography there is more then just the ‘orb’ or the 'light' which can be captured, there is the wavelength and the complex manifestation as well, which can be bright or very subtle.

New doors await to be opened, but are you willing to go on that journey? Are you ready to go on a further adventure into knowledge and awareness? If so, then stay tuned there will be more coming your way soon and a forthcoming book ‘Angels, Orbs & Fairies’ sharing my experiences that will shed new light on the truth about our Brothers and Sisters of Light. It is up to us to take those first steps into greater knowledge and understand, our 'Friends of Light' are ready and waiting to share their existence with us.


I would like to thank all of those who attended the lecture, especially Maria and Sandra from Astral Eternal for hosting the talk in their wonderful shop. If you ever happen to find yourself in Islington, North London why not pop into Astral Eternal, they have a fine selection of  crystals, cards, cleansing candles and all manner of other spiritual and esoteric fare. And always remember we’re not alone, the Angels are with us. And all we have to do to bring a little bit of ‘magic’ into our lives is to send a though in their way and who knows, the wonderous can happen.

Brother Jeorge

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