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Can you see the fairy being in the Photo?

Is There Someone Above St Mellitus Church?

Dear Angel Aficionados & Fairy Fanciers,

I am holding my first live event since the lockdown at Astral Eternal a crystal and spiritual shop in Finsbury Park, London. This is in preparation and build up to my forthcoming book on Angels, Orbs and Fairies. The photograph featured in the flier was taken a few months ago on the day I had a tarot reading at said crystal shop, and captures a male fairy being hovering over St Mellitus Church. He has the bearing of a ‘puck’ and the kindness smile you could ever wish to see.


On 17th June 2023, I will be sharing photos taken on the magical day I visited Astral Eternal, as well as other Angelic and Fairy delights, I have captured in London over the years. Why not join us at Astral Eternal on the 17th, it promises to be an event full of Angelic magic, wonder, revelations and delights. See and experience genuine photographs of the magical world of the Angels, Fairies and even Giants that exists unnoticed in our very midst!


Brother Jeorge

Angel Photographer and Fairy Whisperer


To reserve a place contact Astral Eternal on mod: 07594 334506 /

or purchase ticket with the Eventbrite link below

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