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As a way to end 2018 in style, and to begin 2019 with a bang, I have an exhibition currently on at Mario’s Café. It’s a retrospective featuring my art from the last 20 years. It is a reflection of many of the key passions and interests that have captivated my thoughts and mind over the last two decades. A slice of everything from the music and culture of my youth. Long time favourites of my childhood like Run DMC and Public Enemy feature as examples of these influences. My interest in literature, history and activism are also reflected in other pieces. The twin mysteries and magic of nature, both of the visible and invisible realms are also represented. The visible world of nature, through my love of wild animals, particularly the graceful members of the cat family and the adorable meerkat family.  The invisible side of nature and of reality are also represented here through other worldly imagery, portraiture and concepts of Angels and other Spiritual Beings.


The location of the exhibition, Mario’s Café in Kentish Town is a bit of an institution in it’s own right. An old Italian café, run by the epitomes Mario himself, it has featured Art on it’s hallowed walls for nearly 30 years. The Café has cult status in North London, even been immortalised in song by Indie-dance group Saint Etienne. The song unsurprisingly is called “Mario’s Café”. The group used to be on an independent record label in Kentish Town, producer and band member Bob Stanley, eventually got to know Mario after frequenting the café on several occasions and the rest as they say is history.


The exhibition is on until Friday 18th of January, you are most welcome to visit my little celebration of 20 years as artist. And may I take this opportunity to wish everyone and all a blessed and prosperous New Year!



Mario’s Café

6 Kelly Street

Kentish Town

London NW1 8PH

Tel: 020 7284 2066


Open times 7.30am – 4pm

Monday to Saturday

( Mario’s Cafe is closed on New Years Day and 2nd January,

and will re-open on the 3rd January )


They serve good quality English breakfast and classic Italian fare.

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