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Tommy’s Dreams: Seeding the Future

It’s been a little while since my last newsletter, late Summer has past, and Autumn has just dawned. A beautiful time of year when leafs turn to shades of gold and hues of rust, a time of reflection, celebration and harvest. During this period I’ve been busy working on more chapters of my book on Angels, and have just completed the penultimate chapter I intend to write. The chapter in question is entitled Angels in the City, and focuses on some incredible Guardians operating in Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus in the West End of London that made their presence known to me and my camera. There were so many of them that appeared, both large and small, with vivid clarity and revealing details. Much of what they showed of their individual character came as a complete surprise, in my widest imagination I could never have anticipated their looks or behaviours. One of the things I love about interacting with the ‘Angelic family’ in different locations, is experiencing their sense of humour, it never fails to surprise, delight and uplift the soul.


An excerpt from the chapter of Angels in the City, can be read on the blog “The Faerie Lad and the statue of Eros”. Which gives a prime example of their delightful humour and unexpected antics.


As September is traditionally the time of harvest, I thought I’d share an insight I received from a friend. In fact it’s a truth I am very familiar with, and something that I teach at my workshops as ‘The Power of Creation’, principles for bringing change into your life, through dissolving old unproductive patterns in ones life, and cultivating new growth. My teaching method came to me through observing the circles of nature as well as through inspiration from the Angels and the Divine. No matter what form of expression the wisdom takes or the well of inspiration it springs from, there is a fundamental bases to the perennial truth that underpins manifesting hopes, dreams and ambitions into physical reality. They are the fertile ingredients of ‘Desire, Thought, Action and Time’.


The version of this method I will share here, came from my friend Elaine, who I only met quite recently. She and her husband Allan, invited me over for Sunday lunch one late August afternoon, at their lovely home in Merton Park. There was myself, Elaine, Allan, their two grown up sons and another guest Tim, seated around a beautiful rustic wooden dinning table. The main course was a large and delicious chicken pie with roasted potatoes and exotic Caribbean fruits, as we were enjoying the cuisine and conversation was flowing, Tim began to reflect on the recent change of circumstance in his personal life. He had recently come out of a long term relationship soon after his former partner had given birth to their son. It had been a difficult period of transition for him, but he was now in the early stages of a new relationship and things were going well. Whilst sharing he’s experience of love lost and love find with us, he mentioned something that got us all thinking. “Isn’t it interesting we bring into being, that which we desire the most”, he said. He had strongly desired to have happiness and the romantic bliss of a relationship return into his life, and now he had it.


We all recognised the truth of this statement, and how desire is important in making dreams manifest as realities. We all shared a little of our own experiences and various ways of making ideas manifest concretely. Allan added the importance of speaking aloud with passion and heart, what you most desire to make it manifest. To this I added the importance of taking action, actual and practical action or symbolic action in cases were the former is not a straight forward option. It was Elaine who emphasised the principle of time, she also expressed and summed the whole process up in most charming fashion, which is probably also the most appropriate for this time of the year, as she used the imagery of the harvest to do so.  She explained to us, that when her youngest son Tommy was little, she would often tell him on the way to school, that he could achieve anything he wanted if he put his mind to it.


First he had to think of want he wanted and say it out loud to himself with feeling and desire ( or if you’re the more quiet sort, you can write down what you want on a piece of paper, again with feeling and desire ). This is planting the seed of intention in the fertile soil and fields of potential and possibilities. Next you must believe and stay positive, and give things time. Like a seed planted in the ground, which takes a period of time to mature into a fully fledged plant producing a bountiful yield, it will take time for strong intentions and thought desires from the inner unseen worlds to develop and manifest as fully concrete and tangible realities on this physical plain. Not everything will happen instantly, even if it appears to occur quickly, there will still be a gestation period between the conception of the thought and birth of the manifestation.


Believing and stay positive about your aspirations whilst allowing time to work it’s wonders was the next step for Tommy. This is like a good farmer tending to his field, watering and nourishing his crop with hope and positivity. As well as this, being mindful of your crop as it develops will allow you to spot any weeds that may develop, and allow you to take action before they run rampant and give you a yield you never wanted or even expected. By being committed to applying these various steps you can bring your truest desires into reality.


Believe, Receive & Achieve”. This is what Elaine would say to Tommy on his way to school. And it’s something you can put into practice for yourself, whatever path in life you may be walking or whatever destination you may heading to. Give it a go, what have you got to lose.



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