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A big thank you to everyone who attended the Angel workshop at Eltham Spiritualist church on the Summer Solstice. It proved to be a special day for many reasons and wouldn’t have been the same without the individuals who attended.

The Summer Solstice is a very auspicious time to connect with nature and the Angels, and they where certainly strongly there with us on that beautiful sunny summers day.

The Summer Solstice is not only a great time to work with the Angels generally as the earth’s energies are so strong at this time of year, but also the Solstice is a special time for the Angels of Nature themselves, who work with very potent energies delivered from the Sun rays and conduct their own “hidden” initiations, where those of a lower rank who are ready for new challenges and responsibilities are raised up and given new perspectives and understanding on their fields of endeavour.

Small elves, faeries and other nature beings who have made progress and grown in their service to nature and the light are enfolded in the wings of their older brothers and sisters, the overseeing Devas, who lift them high above their areas of work and play and show them how and why their activities are important, and introduce them to a new levels of understanding and wisdom.

The Summer Solstice is a truly magically time, full of wonders unseen, of hidden initiations great and small, taking place on locations such as large mountains where grand ceremonies are performed and vast quantities of energies are stored, to the more humble yet equally delightful activities and merry dances taking place in local parks and other less-descript urban locations.

It is also full of wonders bright and visible, reflecting the fulfilment of nature outward expression at it’s zenith. A gay and wondrous time of year to drawn close to and work with the Angelic realm in it’s many aspects by using art and creativity to open the intuition to commune with our friends in the light, all within the beautiful space that is Eltham Spiritualist Church. It was also a joy to be able sit out in the church’s garden and connect more intimately with nature and it’s gossamer guardians.

All in all it was a wonder day and experience with a wonderful group of people and the radiant company of the Angels.

A special thanks to Rachel, who was determined to attend despite just recovering from a bout of ill health. Who I know received much peace and healing from our friends in the unseen realms.

Jeorge Asare-Djan

The whole gang, apart from Terry who had to leave early.

Hanging with the gang.

The gang out in the garden.

Wearing wings in the Garden.

Holding a feather found by liza in the garden. A gift from the Angels?

Posing with Pearl.

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